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What types of Bitcoin fantasy sports contests are there?
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Fantasy Sports

What types of Bitcoin fantasy sports contests are there?

Date Published: 2nd January 2020

There are a variety of competitions for you to participate in bitcoin fantasy sports. Many bitcoin fantasy sports sites offer soccer and cricket tournaments and contests, among others. It is upon you to choose the kind of contest that you like. A player can participate in multiple matches at the same time. There is no limit on the number of contests to participate. All the matches you have chosen are viewable.

Types Of Available Bitcoin Fantasy Contests

Bitcoin Contest

1. Free tournaments

This contest features small prizes. It also consists of massive games with no or low fees where you can view how you stand against other players. You are given a chance to know how much you will improve your skills before you can start winning. Free contests are either played head-to-head or in groups involving teams and players from soccer and cricket, among others.

2. Multipliers

These are contests that give a player with the utmost opportunity to win double, triple, or quadruple of their entire entry fee. The total prize pool is distributed among all the top fifth players of the whole field.

3. Tournaments

These are the highest paying contests. They come as single or multiple entry tournaments. They have a guaranteed prize pool; thus, they do not necessarily need to fill to run.

Bitcoin Contests

4. 3-100 players

In this contest, a player competes against fewer players. They have multiple payout structures.

5. Double up contests

This is a contest where players ranked in the top half win prizes while those listed at the bottom have do not win anything at all.

Final Thought

Bitcoin fantasy sport is a multi-billion industry. Millions of people participate online in bitcoin fantasy sports contests all over the world. The contests are open to all bitcoin fantasy players of all levels of skills.

Will my decision making improve with Bitcoin Fantasy Sports?
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When is the right time to choose my Bitcoin Fantasy Soccer team?
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Does Real Fantasy Sports offer any Freeroll contests?
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Am I able to play Freeroll contests with Bitcoin Fantasy Sports?
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Can I play Bitcoin fantasy sports with friends and family?
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What are the benefits of using Bitcoin for Fantasy Sports?
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Can I enter a team to a Bitcoin contest once the game has started?
There are certain rules that you need to follow with Fantasy Sports, including the deadline for adding your dream team to a contest.
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