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Fantasy Football
Significances Of Fantasy Football
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Fantasy Sports

Significances Of Fantasy Football

Date Published: 18th October 2020
An activity where competitors use virtual American football players is called Fantasy football. It involves professionals from the National Football League and the points are an actual reflection of their performance. Fox business estimates that there are more than 55 million Americans and Canadian Fantasy football managers. The game is exciting as it entails tough competition where the manager with the best strategy has an upper hand in winning.

This competition has a number of benefits to football fans all around the United States of America and Canada. These benefits include; earning money as managers create accounts through websites like DraftKings that provides a platform where weekly competitions are held and the winner is awarded with money. There are also leagues that run through the season which offer similar services. Furthermore, fans can create their own leagues and compete against each other through pooling money together. In these leagues, the winner usually takes it all as there is a subscription fee paid to participate.


Sense of belonging; football fans are linked courtesy of the game, as they know which sport there are associated. You get to find fans with similar affiliations as yours and create a bond, like the Falcons fans uniting and having fun. Here, you get to meet new sporting friends to exchange ideas and discuss football in general. By this, it brings people together from different states hence uniting the nation and promoting peace.

Responsibility; you are in charge of controlling and managing a team which is your responsibility. Through this game, you learn how to be organized, how to strategize and making difficult decisions. This tactics might help you in the real world as life is all about seeing an opportunity and taking the necessary steps to achieve a desired goal. The goals can be achieved through organization, drafting of effective strategies and making tough decisions.

Responsibility; you are in charge of

Leadership skills are also acquired and instilled in commissioners who leaders of a league that consists of around 10 people. Here you are in charging of making rules that will control the group with ease. People look up to you as you are in command and responsible for their mental and physical being. Commissioners are the heads and this skill of leading, they can transfer it to work, politics and other authoritative positions where they lead others follows. Leadership basically is about steering your group or people towards achieving a certain goal. A leader must be a critical thinker and the virtual game influences them to attain it.

Team building; as you organize your squad, literally you are building a team. This is so because you are required to build a balanced team and not the one with quarter backs only. A balanced team is that which every position is represented by the best player in that position. This ability of team building can be shifted into normal world where there are events and teams are to be formed to compete. You will look at the attributes of individuals and what they can do best to avoid short-comings.

Team building; as you organize your

Improvement in time management; while transferring players, there is a deadline for trading players in and out of your squad. You might have seconds to do the trade before deadline arrives, therefore you quickly choose the players to be sold and those to be bought to meet your needs. This process involves quick decision making hence knowing how to manage time under pressure. Planning becomes an easy task when the time is limited due to ability to remain calm and make the right call.

Better sales person; trading is a common activity in this imaginary sport, therefore, people are able to negotiate the prices of items and have a common agreement with the customer. A Persuasive language is attained because it is used to convince a client to purchase an item. A person might become a good sales person because of mastering the language of convincing buyers into a win situation for both parties.

It is therefore, fair to assert that fantasy football has a positive impact in building an exemplary character. This develops an improved perception of events by a person and the necessary action to be employed for effectiveness. An individual's personality is influenced by the decisions they make in their daily activities and cohesion with others.
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