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How IPL fantasy league works
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How IPL fantasy league works

Date Published: 12th October 2020
Indian Premier League tournaments run throughout the season, and in each day, there is a challenge. Players can create their teams for every match that takes place, and there are a hundred credit points to choose your team. Each team has eleven players which you can only purchase using the points that you have been given. There are a specified number of players that should play each role, and this Indian Premiere League is commonly known for Fantasy Cricket.

How IPL fantasy league works

You are required to have a team with at least one wicket keeper, and if more, there can only be a maximum of two. Batsmen are supposed to be only three, and a maximum of five, and at least one all-rounder, with a maximum number of three. You should have at least three bowlers, and if they are more, then they cannot exceed five. Your selected team should have at least one uncapped player who is Indian. The number of players from other countries should not exceed four, and there should be no more than seven participants of the IPL franchise.

Users are given an allowance of making only five trades before the match round can hit its deadline. There are additional trades after you have made five that are known as premium trades, but you will have to pay a cost of ten points for each. Rules apply to how points are broken down or are awarded for each role that participants play in a match. Their performance in the real game is what matters most, and determine the rank that you will be awarded. For the batsmen, there are 0.5 points given for every run, another equal credit for any boundary bonus that is achieved.

You are required to have a

There is score of one awarded for every six scored, four given for a half-century, eight gained for a century, and there is a deduction of two if dismissed as a result of a duck. Bowlers too have the way that awarding of credits operates. You score ten for every wicket, and that is with exclusion of any run-outs. A score of four if you take four wickets in a single game, and eight if they are five. Every maiden over earns you another four credit scores, and there are scores according to how fielders perform too. There are four awarded for every catch, six are gained for every stump. Four are given for every throw that leads to a run-out, and two for every catch that causes a stump.

Gamers are supposed to choose the captain and his assistant before each round starts. These players earn them higher scores, and that means you must take your time to choose a good captain. Choosing a captain earns you double score the normal while the vice gives you one and a half times more. Every player who appears twice in their side of the starting eleven gives you two scores awarded for each appearance. Indian Premier League covers users by giving them tips of picking a team, and advice if they need to make any trades. That helps you know and choose on those who can play persistently from a year to another, and who is currently on top.
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