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Fantasy Premier League: How is it played?
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Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Premier League: How is it played?

Date Published: 17th October 2020
Imagine you were the manager of one of the Premier League teams, with a budget of 100 million pounds. Fantasy Premier League offers you the chance to be a fantasy manager in the Premier League, pick your dream team, and do everything you have always dreamt of doing as a team manager. Better still, you and your friends can form a mini-league and play against each other. How about that?

The game is simple because your work is to get real-life players on your team and be ready for the league, just like a real-life manager. With the money given to you, you are expected to have a squad of 15 players, even though you will only need 11 to start you off every week. As a manager, you decide who gets to play among your players and who remains on the bench. You can change players before the season begins as long as you stick to the budget. Once the deadline passes, a change is made only once in a game week.

Fantasy Premier League: How is it played?

If you don't change within the week, you are allowed to have two transfers in the following week. Please note that you can't roll over for more than two weeks. If you have to make a transfer above the free ones allowed in the game, it will cost you four points per switch. The deadline to make changes is 90 minutes before the starting time of the first fixtures. While it might be hard to know who will be an asset at the beginning of the season, the previous season's information is the right place to check before deciding.

Deciding on the team is the heart of the game and the most significant task in the fantasy Premier League. Balancing between having a great team and not spending all the money is tricky to some people who play this game. Make sure that money is well distributed across the four positions: midfield, defense, goalkeepers, and strikers. This way, you have options if there are injuries in the middle of the season or any surprise that may cause you to change the team's composition.

Deciding on the team is the

There are several ways to earn and lose points in the fantasy Premier League. Your captain for the week earns double points for the team as a boost to the team. Another boost is in chips that you can use to gain some advantage for the team. These are the wildcard that allows unlimited transfers in the team within a game week. No extra points are required when you use the two wildcards available. The other chip is the triple captain that triples the captain's points instead of doubling them for one game week in the season.

For the bench boost chip, you can pick one game week and add the scores earned by your substitutes on the team's overall score. Free Hit allows you to make as many switches as possible within a specific week. Once the week is done, the original team comes back. The chips are, therefore, means through which you get to bend the rules of the game. To maximize your score, you mustn't waste these chances.
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