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Can I enter a team to a Bitcoin contest once the game has started?
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Can I enter a team to a Bitcoin contest once the game has started?

Date Published: 11th January 2020

Fantasy sport contests are time intensive and players are required to create their dream team before the deadline as announced by the fantasy sport platforms. Players who have been playing fantasy sport are well aware of the timelines and importance of joining the contests before the deadlines, as it is impossible to enter a contest once the match has started.

Fantasy sports platforms offer players to create multiple teams with a limit and players are allowed to change their teams post joining the contests, provided the contests allow multiple entries. However, the time limit to change their teams post the match has started is minimal.

Since the fantasy sport is based on the performance of the real players in the game playing on the field, popular fantasy sports platforms mention the deadline clearly on their conditions page and the timeline is commonly the game start time is before the official deadline. There is usually a 10-minute buffer time to enter the contests with your dream team after the match has started. There are instances wherein the 2-3 member-only public contests, if all the teams are exactly the same including the captain and vice-captain, the contest money shall be divided equally among the participants.

Having said the above, the fantasy sports are built on a secured platform so that it is impossible for a hacker to enter a contest post the match has started.

There is no limit to competitions in which the players can participate as long as you pay the entry fee, provided that you register in time and the maximum limit of participants isn’t reached.

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