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Fantasy Cricket Rules
An overview of Fantasy Cricket rules
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Fantasy Sports

An overview of Fantasy Cricket rules

Date Published: 30th March 2020
Fantasy cricket is a fantasy game genre that is a clear depiction of a real life cricket match. This game is available online to players who are interested. The game players have points that correlate with their performance in real life. The game is famous among people and especially the youth. This game is a way of leisure and is a clear depiction of the real life game. It is considered safe to play and is legalized. The game was legalized because it is not like some other online games like poker. It is not a form of gambling but involves active brainstorming and requires some particular skills. It is therefore legal and safe.

Fantasy cricket like other games has a set of rules that are followed when playing. The rules of this game are shown to the player before creating an account for playing. They are therefore known to each and every player in detail. These rules that govern fantasy cricket include:

Fantasy cricket like other games has

Selecting 4 to 5 players from one team and the rest from another team. When playing fantasy cricket, one should not choose players from one particular team but one should choose players from a variety of teams so as to fulfill this rule. Only 4 to 5 players can be chosen from one team and the rest from another team. Failure to follow this rule prevents you from playing the game. This rule is especially put in place so as to allow fairness and that no team has team players with only high points and the other low points. A system is put in place to ensure that this fairness is followed to the letter by the player.

Changing or trading of players may be done before the deadline of each round. This practice is only free if the players do the trade before the deadline of each round. Any further trading of players costs ten points which is a disadvantage to the player. Losing of points is a liability in the game for points are important if one wishes to be at the top of his or her game. Trading players is usually if the player is not satisfied with the current players he is using and wants to change a player with another player. This is mostly advantageous if the player takes advantage of the time before the deadline of the first round.

Changing or trading of players may

The involved player may decide to nominate a captain and a vice captain of his or her particular team. This activity is done ahead of every round. This is important if the player is to go on playing the game. A captain is able to gain double the number of points that a regular player is capable of while a vice captain gains one and a half more points than a normal player’s points. This is an added advantage to the one who is playing the game and is essential to make sure that the team is complete. As we all are aware, a normal team must have a captain and a vice captain at his assistance.

The team should be given a name. Every team on the fantasy cricket line up must have a name. This is important for it identifies each particular team and makes the team distinct from other teams. A team is a form of identification and it also acts like a logo for the team. It is also a motivation booster. For example if you give your team an encouraging name like the ‘winners’. It actually motivates one in a kind of way. Although one might not realize it, it actually plays a great role in the motivation of the player. A motivating name creates a sense of belonging to the player and encourages one.

The team should be given a

Ensure your team contains 11 players. This team comprises of 5 batsmen, 2 all-rounders’, 1 wicket keeper, 3 bowlers and 2 junior members. This team selection is important for one to master and understand. This is the general team selection method. The team comprises of 11 players and each player has a specific role. If any of the above section of players is not given, then the team is not complete. All these groups should be represented in the specific numbers given. This team formation is like any other team formation. Example is the presence of strikers, defenders and many more in soccer.

The entry forms should be filled with the correct information and submitted. Fantasy cricket forms are available on the internet. These forms should be filled with correct information and where detailed information is needed, it should be given in the needed format. The information given should be trustworthy and correct. Wrong information should be completely discarded of and the entry denied as a form of punishment. The information given is used for understanding the player and his or her details. Any difficulty in filling the form should be consulted with the helpline that is indicated.

The entry forms should be filled

Entry fee should be paid faithfully. The entry fee is usually paid as one gives out the entry form. This fee is purposely for one to be allowed entry to the game. Therefore, it should be paid in an honest and faithful manner. The complete fee should be given in order to process your entry on time. The fantasy cricket organization will give one the response after payment is completed. If the entry is accepted then the player will have access to the game, but if it is denied, the user may contact the helpline to inquire the reason for the denial.

The winner of the competition is always made in charge of the best team after the season. After every season, there is usually a winner and the winner is made the manager of the best team in the league. This is a form of reward to the winner of the season. Otherwise, after the next season a winner can change and another manager be found. The advantages of managing the best team is that more points are earned since the players are of better points and are best in the game.

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