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Play Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Soccer and other fantasy virtual sports with Real Fantasy Sports. Use bitcoin to deposit or buy play bitcoin chips with cash.
Sign-up and receive ₿0.01 Chips Instantly and try Real Fantasy Sports …
Enjoy playing fantasy sports without the requirement to make a deposit.
There is no chip conversion and everything is laid out in an easy to understand manner.
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Are you looking to play Real Fantasy Sports for real money or play chips? We offer real money fantasy football games, real money fantasy cricket games and real money virtual soccer games. You can register today and receive a free 0.01 BTC in play chips so that you can experience our fantasy sports platform totally free.
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Virtual Soccer
In a worlds first, we have produced a totally free to use virtual football system. Where you can compete with other online players and pick the best teams from our virtual football world
Fantasy Football
Games from all over the world are covered in our fantasy football offering. You can pick the players for your team if your budget allows and compete with other fantasy football players..
Fantasy Cricket
Bringing you one of the worlds most popular sports in Fantasy Cricket. With cricket events every day you can play virtual cricket for fun or for cash on real fantasy sports.

0.01 Bitcoin free

Join real fantasy sports today and receive free bitcoin play chips.

As a new user to real fantasy sports we will provide you with 0.01 Bitcoin, thats right, free bitcoin, to your play chips fantasy play wallet which will give you the opportunity to try out fantasy sports platform with other international users. This is completely free with no catch, you can choose from playing either Real Fantasy Soccer, Fantasy Cricket or Real Virtual Fantasy Football. Do you have what it takes to beat the opposition in hundreds of contests every hour? With our virtual soccer platform you can get involved in playing fantasy sports right this minute.

Fantasy Sports with Bitcoin
All About Fantasy Sports - The latest fantasy sports news
As part of a program of education, every day we will publish brand new articles on real fantasy sports designed to help you understand what fantasy football and fantasy cricket is all about. You can use our fantasy sports news and articles section to keep updated on all of the very latest techniques being adopted by the wider fantasy playing community.
19th January 2021
Bitcoin Fantasy Sports
Bitcoin Fantasy Sports is imaginative as it allows you to use Bitcoins to play games. Numerous benefits attached to Bitcoin fantas ...
16th January 2021
Fantasy Sports
Inasmuch as thousands of gamers have opted for Bitcoin Fantasy Sports as their major source of income, only a handful of them have ...
14th January 2021
Bitcoin Fantasy Sports
Virtual sports are rapidly gaining popularity online currently, this is mostly due to the mass increase in internet traffic. Befor ...
13th January 2021
Fantasy Sports
The new reality in fantasy sports is the use of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the most widely used currency. It is estimated ...
12th January 2021
Fantasy Sports
With a market size above 2 billion, the fantasy sports industry is indicating signs of global relevance. Many individuals are now ...
5th January 2021
Bitcoin Fantasy Sports
Fantasy sports are virtual sporting sites that allow players to act as team managers. They can buy or trade players just like a te ...
30th December 2020
Bitcoin Fantasy Sports
No matter how talented and skilful you are in any field you can still make mistakes, what is more important is the approach taken ...
11th December 2020
Fantasy Sports
Even though millions of gamers have opted for NFL Fantasy Sport, the majority have failed to make an impact in this sport somethin ...
7th December 2020
Fantasy Sports
Fantasy sport, an internet-based game is a virtual sporting activity that is gaining popularity across different parts of the worl ...
Our world first virtual league
Current Virtual League Players Rating
Player Spotlight - 7th October 2022
Damon Bell
Hertfordshire Turtles
Darian Kuykendall
Anglian Horses
Franklyn Starr
Yorkshire Crows
Fletcher Nettles
Witton Owls
Shawn Littlefield
Hove Kempton Anubis
Clement Terrell
Witton Owls
Lance Lynch
Manchester Sharkas
Wally Rhoads
Newsham Moonlight
Lane Bush
Finsbury Hornets
Cassius Escamilla
South Bears
Dream 11 - 7th October 2022
Player Username
Horatio Washington
South Bears
Maynard Berman
Newsham Moonlight
Ted Chastain
Westcotes Foxes
Harold Humphreys
Bourne Mamooth
Lyle Schaffer
Tyne Dragons
Joel Stevenson
West Spartana
Deon Russo
Yorkshire Crows
Gideon Grove
Liverpool Mandrix
Hartley Ennis
Liverpool Mandrix
Arlen Horn
Sheffield Pegasus
Fantasy Football Team - 7th October 2022
Player Username
Jeb Fernandez
Kings Road Cheetahs
Tobin Small
Anglian Horses
Leland Delong
Newsham Moonlight
Carlton Mccoy
Tyne Dragons
Chad Triplett
Spurs Grizzlies
Rolland York
South Bears
Quinton Sykes
Midland Wolves
Dre North
Manchester Sharkas
Gord Ponder
South Bears
Bertrand Gray
Sheffield Pegasus
Fantasy sports international
How do you earn money and bitcoin from fantasy sports.
Guaranteed Contest Prize Money

As a commitment to our on going development in the fantasy sports space, we have pooled back money from rakes we obtain and place this in guaranteed contests for select fantasy football and fantasy cricket games. We juice pots so that you can win bitcoin for free everyday, furthurmore we do not even require you to deposit to the service. You can simply come, sign up, pick your dream 11 team and then compete with others in the football or cricket fantasy contest.

In addition, you can make your very own fantasy contests by going into a fantasy football or fantasy cricket event and then creating a competition, we even give you the ability to juice up your very own contest to advertise yourself.

With thousands of contests taking place everyday on our fantasy sports gaming platform, you will always find a match to suit your needs. Start playing fantasy football or fantasy cricket right now by going through to the sports platform and start playing within 30 seconds. You can earn free bitcoin every day by simply playing with us on real fantasy sports International.

Play fantasy sports
Popularity of Fantasy Football and Fantasy Soccer

Fantasy soccer has been played by fans of this sport since Bernie Donnelly invented it in 1971. The idea is similar to fantasy baseball and football in that participants select players to their teams, and how well they do in one or more matches determines their value to their fantasy team during that time period. Whoever ends up with the best one over the specified time period wins. These competitions can involve money.

That fantasy soccer does involve money in many situations is one aspect of it that attracts so many. The idea that those who understand the sport better and, as a result, can reasonably accurately predict what will happen will win money provides plenty of motivation and interest. Most soccer fans are competitive in nature, and they like showing that competitive spirit with money on the line.

It should also be pointed out that many enjoy competing with others who they know. In other words, competing in fantasy soccer with friends and family members can provide an even more significant reason to get involved with this aspect of the sport. So many enjoy getting one over on rivals within their personal lives by selecting the best fantasy soccer team that week.

With that said, how unpredictable this sport can be has a lot to do with how engaging it is as a long-term activity. Yes, the best teams and players will tend to succeed as far as the big picture goes, but looking at a single match or a small series of contests shows just how unpredictable it is too. This helps keep interest high amongst those who take part in this sport in any manner, including via fantasy soccer.

Soccer being the world's most popular sport also has so much to do with why the fantasy version of it is so popular. Even in the United States, soccer has risen in recent years to become one of the country's five most popular sports with even more interest than that amongst younger generations. The more interest a sport has, the more likely increasing numbers of people will want to be involved with it in various ways.

Meanwhile, in some countries, such as the United Kingdom, newspapers will promote fantasy soccer by asking readers to select 11 players or that group of individuals plus a number of substitutes and compete. Gambling companies also regularly promote fantasy soccer through advertising and otherwise. Anytime increased numbers of people learn of an activity, the more apt they will be to take part in it, and that applies to fantasy soccer as well.

Additionally, many fans like to have even more of a reason to follow matches played by clubs that are not their own, and fantasy soccer provides a way for this to occur. Although watching other matches can be interesting in their own right without fantasy soccer being involved, knowing that you have one or more fantasy players on the pitch tends to increase how interesting the action is for you.

Football Fantasy Sports
Get to know Bitcoin Fantasy Sports Betting

There is no difference in the way the betting site works. Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites offer a decentralized form of betting. It is not tied to a central authority. There is no change in the rules of fantasy sports betting. The adverse advantages offered by the use of Bitcoin make the betting experience more productive and enjoyable. The operation costs are much lower and provide anonymous betting service. To get started betting with Bitcoin, follow the following simple steps:

• Find a site like Real Fantasy Sports (us0 that accepts Bitcoin.
• If you’ve already acquired Bitcoins, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you will have to choose a Bitcoin wallet and buy Bitcoins.
• Choose a competition and start drafting players.
When you are opting for a Bitcoin fantasy sports betting site, there are notable things you should put into considerations. Have a look.
• Fantasy betting site has to be licensed and regulated by a government organization. The regulation differs from country to country. The license guarantees you that the betting site works under the laws.
• Fantasy sports betting operators must provide a high degree of security. By this, it prevents hacker attacks or data theft. It also ensures that your information and money are safe and secured.

Advantages of Bitcoin Betting

Bitcoin fantasy sports betting has more benefits compared to the standard online betting. Below are some of the advantages

• Free and decentralized digital currency.
• Transactions using Bitcoins are secure and faster.
• You don’t have to reveal your financial details while using Bitcoins.
• Bitcoins transactions are free in most cases.
• The value of Bitcoin is volatile.
• Many Bitcoin fantasy sports betting sites offer lucrative bonuses.

Bitcoin fantasy sports website offer mobile betting. The apps are available on Android and iOS, as well. There are no significant differences between Bitcoin fantasy sports betting and betting with conventional currency. The thing is, Bitcoin betting offers a lot of advantages. Bitcoin fantast sports betting helps you earn higher even with a smaller budget.

Virtual Fixtures - Virtual Fantasy Football Dream Team
View the upcoming virtual fantasy football leagues fixtures. With games running around the clock, set in a real time, 90 minute game envrioment, with 15 minutes for half-time, you can enjoy the experience of football that never stops.
Palace Eagles
LIVE 1-0
Palace Eagles vs Midland Wolves
Virtual Fantasy Football - 7th October 2022 @ 15:00
Bourne Mamooth
Full-time 3-2
Bourne Mamooth vs South Bears
Virtual Fantasy Football - 7th October 2022 @ 13:00
Newsham Moonlight
Full-time 0-1
Newsham Moonlight vs Hove Kempton Anubis
Virtual Fantasy Football - 7th October 2022 @ 11:00
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Play real fantasy cricket for bitcoin online …
You can start playing free fantasy cricket with free bitcoin on real fantasy sports within seconds.
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Playing Fantasy Sports with Bitcoin

The cost of playing fantasy sports depends on which game you want to play and at which site you are playing from. Fantasy sports players do not have to deposit cash in their fantasy sports account necessarily. Why? This is because most of these sites offer free games. Some fantasy sports site also offers freerolls with real money prizes.

However, serious players who want to make good money must participate in paid contests. The contests are void where prohibited. First, to be eligible to enter paid contests, you must have the following achievements:

Physically located in the eligibility area

At least 18 years of age for most places

Not listed on any government prohibited or watched list

Loading one’s account with funds is easy. This is because playing fantasy sports is not gambling. Sites allow you to make deposits through various different payment platforms. With a low starting amount, you can participate in paid contests. Some sites award sign up bonuses and first deposit bonuses. See the examples below.

You have to make a minimum deposit on most sites, while the maximum amount can be up to unlimited in some cases. But there can be notable restrictions on monthly deposits on certain jurisdictions. Some sites offer free bonuses with your first deposit. You can participate in football, baseball, basketball, cricket and hockey.

You can use your deposit to enter into paid contests. Sadly, when it comes to getting a sign up bonus, it is usually the case that you cannot withdraw your bonus without playing through it first.

Things to Remember when playing Fantasy Sports with Bitcoin

The best players don’t bet using just their instincts. They do  thorough research and line up optimizers to win. It is a common saying, bet with what you can afford to lose.

You can play right now without having to risk any money or bitcoin by getting involved with our growing community and play for fun. Fantasy Sports is extremely entertaining and we have developed a product where you can produce the very best teams available and have fun while doing, all while making new friends as you go.

Fantasy Sports Bitcoin
Understanding Fantasy Sports Gambling with Bitcoin

Is playing fantasy sports gambling? Is it legal? These are the questions that many people are much worried about. Whether fantasy sports are gambling or a game of skill is likely never going to be answered to anyone’s satisfaction. There are arguments on both sides, although many people agree that they are a form of gambling that involves a lot of skills.

The fantasy sports industry has faced notable challenges, which include disputes on whether they constitute gambling. However, the legality is often determined state-by-state. The fantasy sports Trade Association has put lobbying efforts to ensure that fantasy sports won’t be regarded as gambling. The association goals include:

  • Clarification that fantasy sports are legal games of high skills
  • Fee structure which allows small operators to remain viable
  • Common sense regulation

Is fantasy game a chance game or ability? According to certain laws, fantasy sports are games of skills, thus not gambling. The industry wants to avoid being treated like a regulated gambling industry. It wants to set itself apart from other gaming regulatory schemes. Like in some countries, fantasy sports are under gaming commissions purview but is considered as a game of skill.

Reasons Why Fantasy Sports Shouldn’t Be Considered as Gambling

  • The licensing process is expensive and more rigorous
  • The regulatory scheme for gaming are more onerous
  • State tax gaming revenue in addition to charging a license fee

This article determines that fantasy sports are not gambling. The critical argument state that those who never win fantasy sports are unskilled players. The contrapositive of this statement states that with extremely high probability, all fantasy sports winners have knowledge and skills.

Free Bitcoin with Real Fantasy Sports

Many online games are considered to be games of luck. However, fantasy sports, including daily fantasy sports, are considered to be games of skill. The difference is the crux that makes fantasy sports legal. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association has made it a priority. If fantasy sports are a game of chance, then every strategy should perform equally well.

Play fantasy sports with bitcoin

10% Cashback Everytime

We provide a flat 10% cashback

Real Fantasy Sports provides 10% cashback on every contest you join where an entry fee is involved. That means you can get even more free bitcoin everytime you play fantasy sports with us on real fantasy sports. Whether you play fantasy football, fantasy soccer or fantasy cricket, you will get back free bitcoin in the form of cash back which is deposited to your fantasy sports bitcoin wallet every day at a set time. This free bitcoin cashback program happens every 24 hours and you can see it directly on the top bar and in your account area when you get your free bitcoin cash back.

Free Bitcoin Cashback
Fantasy Sports Leagues
Bitcoin Fantasy Sport
What is Bitcoin Daily Fantasy Sports?

Playing fantasy sports with bitcoin is pretty much the same as playing with convention money. Daily fantasy betting sites have started accepting deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoins is shown in your account, and users can enter contests with cash value knowledge as usual. The concept is straightforward but very revolutionary.

Bitcoin has come as an alternative form of payment. It has come as an option of bridging the gap that has emerged about online payments. It is the safest way of betting online. But do you know how it works? The process is easy and straightforward. You use your bitcoin so that you can bet on your team and challenge your luck. If your team performs the best, you can win a handsome amount of money.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin in Daily Fantasy Sports

• Bitcoins offer total anonymity. It ensures players play securely and safely. The bitcoin platform is never linked to your bank. This explains that nobody can connect you to the winnings you have acquired through Bitcoin betting.

• The value of bitcoin is volatile. It may change significantly. You may find out that you’ve won more than you expected if the bitcoin has grown in the meantime.

• Bitcoin daily fantasy sports operators offer a lot of promotions or bonuses.

• No restrictions. You can become a member all over the world. There are no geographical restrictions. You are also not limited to the betting site that accepts you.

• Bitcoin is a currency that can be used to pay for anything, so with fantasy sports, especially real fantasy sports, such as dream 11 cricket, dream 11 football or dream 11 virtual football, accepting and using bitcoin for a 'bitcoin dream11', makes perfect sense.

• You can play anytime of the day with our bitcoin play chips

• YNo limit to the amount you can play real fantasy sports.

As soon as the competition comes to an end and results confirmed by the Daily fantasy sports site, you can request a withdrawal. Generally, Bitcoin withdrawals are more accessible and faster than any other withdrawal methods. You can withdraw your funds in a matter of seconds.

The use of Bitcoin in daily fantasy sports has overcome a lot of restrictions. It has grown rapidly and gained popularity within no time. It is the most popular cryptocurrency available in the global market today. This is the hottest deal right now

Fantasy Sports Cricket
How Can I Use Bitcoin to Play Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports have been around from quite some while, but it is this decade that is witnessing an expeditious rise in the popularity of this so-called unconventional form of sports and entertainment. Another twist to the scene is, using Bitcoin to play fantasy sports is spicing up this chili even further. Perhaps due to the fact that people are getting so comfortable with Bitcoin; using it for anything in place of conventional money feels seamless and easy to most of us! Nevertheless, for new players, or for the players less conversant either to Bitcoin or to fantasy sports, this article helps one on how they can use Bitcoin to play fantasy sports.

How Can I Use Bitcoin to Play Fantasy Sports?

If you are ready with some Bitcoin to start your next game of fantasy sport, you can play anonymously and no one can link to your payments. It is safer and more secure, there are just a few variations across different platforms, take a look at the points below:

1. Play on some website: There are many online websites that allow for playing fantasy sports with Bitcoin. Some of them, in fact, accept Bitcoin as the only mode of payment. You can transfer Bitcoin directly from your digital Bitcoin wallet, to this sport website wallet, and sit to enjoy a game of your choice.

2. The Add Ons: When you choose to play fantasy sports with Bitcoin, it is most likely to be one or the other online platform. Now one thing you must always keep in mind is that such platforms mostly offer a lot many incentives and reward programs to interest users towards them. So look for sign up bonuses, or reward points on winning, or referral incentives etc., all in the form of Bitcoin which can be used to extend playing your game even longer.

3. Mobile Apps: The best of the lot is configurable both on laptops and hand held devices like mobiles and iPads. So, if you are to choose a fresh platform to play fantasy sports with Bitcoin, choose one that lets you play even on the go!

4. Geographic Limitations: While some websites offer a global reach and collaboration for fantasy sport players, some allow it to players from a certain region only, like say only the US, or only the Canada etc. So, decide on who you want to partner and play with, and then pick up a website accordingly.

5. The Games: Soccer, Football, Basketball and Baseball are the most popular ones with fantasy sports. You shall be able to find other sports which can be played with Bitcoin too but that will need an extra effort to find.

While you must consider the above points before a game of your favorite fantasy sport, you must also remember that this is sometimes not free for everyone to join with conventional money. Sometimes there shall be restrictions on the betting options too! And that is what makes Bitcoin so much in demand with fantasy sports.

Bitcoin Accepted
In-game fantasy statistics
Getting to know how Fantasy Sports work

All thanks to the development of the internet in gaming technology. Through this, players do not need to depend on their desktop to play fantasy sports games. They can use their android phones, iOS, not forgetting that they can use Facebook too to play fantasy games. Playing fantasy sports not only strengthens bonds among players but also increases a vast understanding of fantasy sports. The majority of fantasy sports sites offer a variety of products. Major companies have launched a fantasy sports website.

Imagine playing games on your phone? Isn’t it cool? Players need to download the fantasy sports app from the app store.

Every fantasy player has heard of the many different Fantasy Sports variations. Most fantasy sports players have their accounts on their favourite platform. It is a great way of putting your trust in the platform that runs lucrative fantasy contests. Most of these platforms also supports a web app that allows placers to gain access to services directly on their mobile browsers.

There are a number of different and popular fantasy sports site in the world. While some only supports a web app for both iOS and Android users, others go even further than that, allowing mobile play and beyond. It can display match strengths, and it surely is superior software. There are those that makes it easier for players to draft their lineup.

Fantasy sports players can also use Facebook to get a fantasy league. It not only gives players the chance to participate in different sports but also builds their social life.

Many expert players state that nothing can beat the experience of playing fantasy sports on a mobile phone. The raised platforms enable players to keep track of their leagues. Players always stay updated on the latest fantasy sports news quickly.

Fantasy Cricket
How to play fantasy virtual soccer
Virtual soccer is the most popular online sports game. Virtual soccer is a programmed match. All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Games play a vital role in almost everyone’s life. So, when you are chilling out with your family or friends, I would recommend you to try out virtual soccer.

When playing virtual soccer, you need to predict the outcome of the matches in a tournament. It’s just like the actual sports, except that they take a shorter period, and the results are only a randomly generated number. Virtual soccer takes less time to play. You will have to choose what kind of bet you want to place and proceed.

After choosing the type of competition you want to participate in, you need to identify the market you will place your bet on. There are a number of different contests available, from play contests, to real money cotests and even freeroll contests, which still offer the winner a guaranteed cash prize.

The most exciting thing about Virtual Soccer, is that the players are not real, the teams are not real, and you have to study the previous results to get a good idea of who to pick. Take a look at the average ratings, the top scorers, the most assists, all in order to give yourself the best chance of picking a winning team.

You must have the mindset of a soccer punter when playing virtual soccer. Always research the potential outcomes and weigh which team has the best chance of success. Remember to wager responsibly. Playing is easy and straightforward. It’s a great way to have fun and a great way to take on your friends and family. Are you the best of the bunch?
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